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Fake It Till You Make It

“How are you?”
“Oh I’m good, just super busy.”

Is this your go-to answer when chatting with a friend?

Do YouTube moms and perfected Instagram grids have you feeling like you’re the only one that doesn’t live a picturesque life? Self-isolation, quarantines, and out-of-the-norm daily life may have you feeling like life is a bigger challenge this year. If you feel busy, chaotic, or out of control, try these 4 super simple tips to start working on your mental health and feeling more in control of your day.

Make your bed each morning (effort: 2 minutes per day)
Give your bedroom the calming atmosphere you’ll need to drift off to a restful sleep each night. And who does’t love the feeling of crawling into a comfy bed that’s all made up after a long day?

Review your bank statements weekly (effort: 10 minutes per week)
This will help you understand where you are financially and ensure there are no surprises in your accounts. You’ll also be more aware of your spending (maybe you didn’t realize you bought 20 lattes last month) and will give you the confidence to either stay the course or change it up.

Streamline your morning routine (effort: 5 minutes per day)
A polished and put together look doesn’t need to take an hour every morning. Lay out tomorrow’s outfit and accessories the night before—you’ll know you’re on track to look great for the day and won’t have to second guess your choices as you’re walking out the door for work.

Meal prep (effort: 10 minutes per day)
Just like your outfit, pack your lunch the night before so you can grab it and get on your way. This helps to eliminate the need to grab a fast (and unhealthy) lunch when you’re running through the day. And a bonus, it will save you money from eating out, too!

Your life definitely isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t walk around with the confidence of having it all together. Even if you don’t see progress just yet, simply putting in the effort to better yourself and get your life back on track helps you to overcome a mental barrier to finding that right balance in your life.

Be proud of how hard you’re trying.