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Finding Meaningful Work

How do we find meaningful work? And how do we find meaning in the work we do?

Some people know from an early age what they want to do with their lives. Others go through their entire life in search of their “life’s work,” going from job to job, career to career, never quite feeling like anything fits. Either way, a lot of people constantly deal with dissatisfaction, or impostor syndrome, feeling the happiness that eludes them is just round the corner if only they could find a way to do what they truly want to.

Is this struggle a modern problem? Is it a sign of great privilege to even have options? Is the dissatisfaction so many of us feel actually about our work, or about what we bring to it?

The Distiller is a podcast about these questions.

Recently our founder sat down to discuss what “the soul of work” means to her. Listen in to learn more about what it took to create a self-funded and small-but-mighty company that aims to tackle the problem of women’s opportunity around the world.

Afterwards, we encourage you to tune in to other episodes of The Distiller to find out more about the heart and soul of brave pioneers in other industries. Past guests include bar owners, meteorologists, tattoo artists, filmmakers, songwriters, and treehouse builders. Their inspiring stories break down the possibilities that lie ahead of each and every one of us.