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Funding Your Eco-Friendly Business

Fall is here and that means holiday shopping is just around the corner.

If you’ve ever considered joining us as a Curator, now is a great time. November and December are by far our busiest months (which means maximum commissions for you!)

We’ll set you up with a Starter Kit of products and a free website, you share your link and offer a thoughtfully handmade holiday gift option to your network. Rumor has it that later this year we’ll have a special Holiday Gift Shop with more giftables than ever before.

Our Starter Kits range from $99-$299 and contain up to a $915 retail value of merchandise great for wearing, showing off, or selling. Need a little help funding your eco-journey? We got you!

Sell Your Clutter
Strategically comb through each room in your house and gather items you’ve outgrown or no longer use. If the weather is still nice in your area, plan a small garage sale this weekend. If the weather has turned brisk, seek out other opportunities to sell. Facebook Marketplace is a great resource to connect with buyers near you. You can also find resale shops near you that buy clothing, toys, electronics, and home accessories. Bonus: you’ll have a clutter-free house ahead of the holiday, too!

Save Those Fivers
Every time you get a $5 bill, stash it away and save it. You’ll be surprised with how quickly it will add up!

Start Couponing
The days of being limited to paper coupons are over! Most chain stores now offer further savings through mobile apps, shopper cards, and more. Get savvy and find creative ways to save on items you purchase on a regular basis.


If you’re motivated, we’ll help you succeed. Learn more and see if we’re accepting partners in your area. We operate on an application basis to ensure no market is ever saturated.