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Granting Hope and Hoping for a Grant

Hope: it’s a word frequently used in our lives; however, its meaning cannot be condensed to one simple definition. It symbolizes something different to different people yet conveys a resounding message of positivity. We found our meaning of “hope” just over five years ago and we love living out our message of hope every day.

Our mission is to do good by expanding the global marketplace of hardworking people in developing countries. We are empowered women empowering women through every purchase and constructing sustainable businesses that provide fair and stable incomes to those who need it. Through our mission, we’ve defined “hope” as the optimism that there is more to come—more opportunity, more positivity, more reasons to enjoy life.

Where It All Began.
Our company started after our founder happened to meet Yulia, an Indonesia woman from a small village who made and sold jewelry to support her family. Mandy was impressed with the craftsmanship of Yulia’s pieces and found her story inspiring. After also learning that more than half of this population lives on less than $2USD per day, and that more than 80 million Indonesian children live in poverty, she felt compelled to do something more than just buy these handmade goods for herself.

Mandy purchased nearly all of the pieces Yulia was selling and brought them home. After seeing how captivated others were with the products as well, Mandy realized that she could really make a difference. And with that calling, I Thought of You opened its virtual doors in 2014.

The Purchase That Created a Partnership.
That one simple purchase turned into a partnership. And the purpose Mandy was searching for developed into a cause that helped one woman find hope. We’ve now grown into a brand with even bigger aspirations, expanding to impact hundreds of families in 9 different countries. We desire to give artisans a revived ambition and an opportunity to look forward to what is to come.

The beauty in our mission is that it’s boundless, there’s always more we’re striving to achieve. And our next step can be possible with your help.

One Grant, Two Goals, All Hope.
We’re in the running for a grant from FedEx. This annual award gives small businesses the chance to develop their company and significantly impact their goals with such funding. Our goal with the FedEx Small Business Grant is to keep giving back to both our customers and to the community that first gave us purpose.

A portion of this grant would go to streamlining our shipping logistics to meet our dramatically increasing demand. Our customers are one of our top priorities and they deserve the best—they deserve a company that is always aiming to meet and exceed customer expectations when shipping their handmade goods. Winning this grant would improve our efficiency in shipping speed and help us keep up with that increasing demand.

We also have plans to fund a children’s program providing long-term care for orphans, after-school care to help working parents, and nutritious meals for children in the community where our company was founded. Supporting our artisans is of utmost importance to us and we want to continue that support with the next generation.

Voice Your Vote!
It’s a big task but we’re up for the challenge, these goals can become a reality with your support. Casting your vote for I Thought of You to win the FedEx Small Business Grant will fund both of these progressive initiatives and allow us to keep striving for more. Voting is open now until March 8—vote once a day every day and let’s create change together.

Here’s to being optimistic that there is always more to come.