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How to Earn A Flexible Income From Home (And Change the World)

As women, we are constantly trying to achieve a better work-life balance. We are managing a household, and family, and commitments... while also looking for ways to bolster our income in a modern economy.

Working from home is an obvious solution, but finding the right opportunity can be difficult.

That’s why I Thought Of You’s founder created the Curator Program.

What is the Curator Program?
Our Curator opportunity enables you to sell beautiful, 100% unique jewelry and accessories. Not only is it an incredibly flexible source of income for you, it also provides life-changing opportunities for artisans in developing countries. Through being a Curator, you make an impact in your own life as well an impact world-wide.

It’s also low risk.

There’s a reason we are listed as one of the “10 Best Products To Sell From Home.”

“Through Fair Trade sourcing, I Thought of You is striving to provide a sustainable income to those who need it most. Curators can start their home businesses for as little as $99 and earn a commission of 25-50% on personal sales. This is a “zero-recruiting” business model allowing you to focus on what matters most – satisfying your customers.” -

The Curator Program provides you with everything you need and then does all of the marketing legwork for you. Through purchasing a low-cost starter kit, you get a personal website, detailed training, marketing materials and generous commissions (with no recruitment requirement!).

As well as these up-front benefits, you receive consistent shareable content via Email and Social Media, access to our active Facebook group support system and exclusive sales and promos. We also provide tips, tricks, and ideas for success via our Pinterest community.

It Makes a Difference
We mentioned world-wide impact, and we weren’t kidding.

More and more people care about where their money is going, and who it is impacting. The artisans of I Thought Of You’s line of jewelry, apparel and accessories is crafted by artisans in developing countries. Everything is made from eco-friendly materials found in their own regions and sold through the Fair Trade market, which provides them with a fair wage and safe working conditions. Each Curator’s small business does things like send a the child of a woman in Indonesia to school, or provide clean water for her family. It provides sustainable income for those in need.

To start earning a flexible, low risk income from home that gives back, visit and we'll take it from there!