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Meet our Zoo Babies Collection

Spring is just days away and we’re ready for all the new life the season brings with it. There are new blooms, new baby animals, but best yet, new handcrafted designs! It’s time to rejuvenate those wardrobes and add some pops of color that are as fresh as the plants growing outside your window.

In spirit of the season, we’re excited to introduce to you our newest collection—Zoo Babies.

Perfected with Precision.
Available just this month, our Zoo Babies collection features 14 adorably dainty animal earrings intricately molded from clay. After our Peruvian artisans craft each pair by hand, they are fired, delicately painted with glaze, then re-fired before they are ready to complete your spring accessories. They will be your perfect complement to any outfit and are guaranteed to spark conversations anywhere you wear them.


Your Own Zoo.
You don’t have much time to grab your favorite little animal that will fit on the tip of your finger and when they sell out, we won’t be getting more back in stock. With all the love for Spring, we’re sure the love for our Zoo Babies will be equally as strong. Why miss the opportunity to have your own little zoo in your wardrobe?

Here’s to all the “new” this season!