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Job Security in Underserved Communities

When the economy is uncertain, job security becomes a major topic of discussion. Here in the U.S. we’re lucky to have social support systems like food assistance, temporary healthcare benefits, and supplemental unemployment pay when times get tough. In disadvantaged countries and communities with job scarcity in the best of economic times, these concerns are magnified.

Despite having one of the fastest growing economies in East Asia, the Philippines has a high poverty rate at over 20% of their total population with many of those affected living in rural areas. Concerningly, this statistic is thought to be worse than the data suggests as many consider the official poverty threshold to be unrealistic; a family of five who earns at least $1.41 in U.S. dollar equivalent per day is considered to be above the poverty line.

Providing steady work is one way we strive to eliminate the very real concerns many citizens of these underserved communities. When a family has consistency in their income they can budget, plan for their needs, and even start savings accounts. Job security and workplace safety are two of the most important elements we offer our to our teams of makers and is the first step at eliminating the widespread poverty.

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