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Killer Confidence

“Every body is beautiful.” It’s a message that is preached a lot these days yet it’s a message that never seems to lose significance. As we start this new year, let’s shift our focus to embracing new perspectives of ourselves and what we decide is defining our values.

So, we first ask the question, how do you see yourself? What are you letting define you?

The *Important* Voice.
As a company, it’s part of our mission to empower women. We want to empower women to know their true worth, and love who they are and the lives they are making for themselves. If you love your body, embrace it. If you desire change because you want change for your life, take action. Yes, that is emphasized with every font effect because you have the most important voice in your own life. Our bodies are our bodies and we get to decide how we see them through a safe, healthy perspective.

The first step to shifting our focus is to stop giving power to the labels that we think control us.

Wash With Like Colors.
Ladies, let’s be honest. We’ve all had that moment when you grab what you thought to be your size, as it is as numerous other stores, only to try it on and find it unbearably too tight or too short or too, “how is this making me look so much like a potato?” It’s frustrating to say the least. The fashion industry has so many sizing descriptors – curvy, skinny, petite, plus, thick, thin – but little to no consistency across store lines. These descriptors have become minute details and “sizing” has lost all meaning. While they will always serve some kind of purpose (there has to be some way of knowing what clothes will fit), these sizes should not be the labels that impact our perspectives.

Labels are for care instructions, not people. They are there to remind you to lay flat to dry or to wash cold with like colors. That number isn’t you, that letter isn’t you. And when push comes to shove, let that label simply tell you what shirt is going to fit you best so you can go out and slay your day, don’t let it tell you what you believe others are defining you as.

When you are a strong woman with confidence and amazing attributes, that is how others will define you.

Every Body, Every Piece.
Our apparel is designed with inclusive sizing in mind, with most pieces comfortably fitting sizes XS-3XL. We like to show how beautiful each piece will look on all body shapes and sizes. We also use open casting calls to find up-and-coming local models rather than outsourcing to professionals. We want to show how everyday women can be confident in our sustainable styles and be proud of who they are.

We strive to be a responsible fashion brand and are part of the movement to make labor practices safer, fairer and more transparent for the makers in this industry. Within this mission, our goals are defined: establish ways to make women feel beautiful and confident while making a positive style statement. We have set out to nix the buzzwords, eliminate the fast fashion mindset, and embrace the mission of sustainability. These are the attributes that we want to be defined by.

Responsible fashion isn’t just respecting every pair of hands that have a role in making your garment. It’s also respecting the customer who purchases it. Women deserve to know the facets of what happens behind-the-scenes to bring that piece to life. For us, it keeps the conversation of sustainability in the fashion industry at the front and center. We hope our brand can be an example of why these small details matter to the makers and to every body that wears every piece.

Redefining Perfection.
This message is important for every body. And yes, we have intentionally left it as two words, it’s not some grammar error our copyeditor overlooked. You are a human being with a physical body and that will never change. How you empower that body and see that body; however, that can change.

Whether this is your first time being preached this message or it’s your 100th time, let this sink in: there will never be such a thing as a perfect body. You will always find something you don’t like or wish you could change. So why waste your time fretting over the fight to be perfect?

Maybe the perfection for which we should strive is the ability to be fully present. Only when we are fully present and intentional with our actions are we able to reach a state of which we do approve. This is the state where we embrace healthy perspectives and we start recognizing the beauty within us. This is the state where we’re more concerned with changing lives and impacting this world rather than hiding behind labels.

New year. Same body. Killer confidence.