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Looking Up to Yourself

Falling in love with yourself is the secret to happiness.

Being confident allows you to do what makes you happy, to say “yes” to the things that will bring you joy, to say “no” to things that aren’t fulfilling. Confidence allows you to stand up for yourself and to be a voice for others who might be struggling to find their voice.

If you’ve been stuck in the house for more weeks than you’d like to count, you might be feeling self-conscious about your body, your parenting abilities, your self-esteem, any number of things that are weighing on your mind. Let’s take this summer to work on ourselves to boost our happiness, increase our confidence, and be the best version of ourselves.

There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others.
Life happens when we surround ourselves with people who mirror our values so why not build up (or seek out) your girl gang who pushes you to be your best self? Focus on solutions instead of focusing on life’s struggles by channeling your energy into positive action, together. Perfection is a myth we should not be striving to achieve, we’d rather set ourselves up to working towards making progress instead.

Don’t let your mind bully your body.
A number on a scale has no relevance on who you are as a person. If you find yourself having negative thoughts, get in the habit of challenging each with 3 positive thoughts about yourself. It’s silly, it’s tedious, and it will train your brain to focus on what’s important. Better yet? Write your positives down on paper or in your phone’s notepad so you can remember them.

Keep taking time for yourself.
Do you struggle to find confidence in your appearance? It’s natural to want what you don’t have but I promise you there are countless women who desire what you were born with. It’s possible to both admire women who have what you think is your ideal look while proudly flaunting all that you are. Compliment your skin tone (warm tones are great for earthy colors like orange, brown, yellow, and turquoise while cool tones look great with bright colors like red, blue, purple and green). Embrace a unique style by creating an upcycled look when you rock a truly one-of-a-kind piece—those materials were often destined for a landfill so you’re doing your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Focus on where you’re going.
If you have a goal you’re working towards, what action do you need to take to achieve it? The first step to mastering something is to first be really terrible at it because the only place you can go is up. Online courses, self help books, mentorships, a gym trainer—find what support it will take for you to smash those goals. Resist the urge to give up when things are difficult and make your hard work and determination pay off.

Women who invest in themselves go further. When you’re confident, you’ve already won before you’ve even started. You’ll be amazed at what you can attract when you start believing in all that you deserve.