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Loving The World With Your Purchases

Hi, I’m Mandy! I started the brand I Thought of You just about 6 years ago. We work with artisan groups in 9 countries (including the U.S.). When you shop with us, you support and empower creative makers from all over the world.

Styling ethically doesn’t have to be expensive. Our mission is to make our designs accessible to everyone and I am incredibly proud of our tribe. In our years in business we’ve learned, we’ve grown, and we’ve accomplished so much fully in thanks to our customers who believed in what we stood for.

Thanks to our dedicated team of US affiliates, our small business has grown tremendously through word of mouth. More than 50% of our affiliate team holds a full time job with nearly 20% working as teachers—we couldn’t be more honored to have so many educators in our tribe!

When you style ethically (and yes styling for your Zoom calls totally counts!) you’re sending a message about what’s important to you. Even more important though, our sweet team of makers adore you for choosing to support their livelihood. The majority of our makers live in as-risk communities where trafficking is common and children aren’t provided opportunities. When they make a product, they’re making a new future for themselves; after all, empowering is at the heart of all we do. It’s amazing how small jewelry can have such a big impact.

Choosing Fair Trades enables us to make long-term commitments to our makers so they can have a sustainable and consistent stream of income. They craft with natural materials that are plentiful in their countries because being mindful about what goes into our products means we can love the earth with our style, too.

We’re a small business and would be so thankful for you to share us with a friend. If you’re inspired to bring some eco-love to your style, take a look at our shop. Handmade styles can sell out quickly so we add new arrivals quite often. And if you’re ready to spread the word, take a look at all the perks of our affiliate program. The impact you can make is greater than you might think.

Your purchases matter. Thank you for loving us and loving the world when you choose to shop with us.