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Making a Difference in Your Community

The desire to create a positive impact in your town (or beyond) is something that lies within all of us, but finding the means to have an impact can sometimes be challenging. Having a full-time job or full-time responsibilities at home can create a barrier to action but there are still ways you can volunteer for good.

Start by finding an organization or a cause you care about. They’ll likely have volunteer needs and opportunities listed on their website or social media pages. If not, send them a quick email letting them know you are interested in contributing.

If you aren’t able to commit to a long-term need, offer to pitch in on a specific project. Some organizations also have committees that meet once per week, month, or quarter, that you can join to help with brainstorming, organization, decision-making, and other long-term decisions.

There’s a chance you can use your professional or trade knowledge to give back as well (and perhaps even from the comfort of your home). Virtual freelancing can provide tremendous benefits for organizations near and far. Opportunities can be projects like copywriting, website design, social media assistance, transcribing, and more. These tasks can have flexible weekly commitments with a low amount of hours required.

And lastly, mentorship is another great opportunity that comes with tremendous flexibility. Perhaps taking a high school or college-aged group under your wing to offer shadowing experience at your job or offering business advice to a young start-up in your town is something more up your alley.

No matter how you approach it, opportunities to make an impact surround us each day. Decide how much time you are able to commit and find an organization that speaks to you.