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No way, that's made from orange peels?

“I love your necklace!”

“Thanks, it’s made from orange peels!”

“…What? No way!”

If I had an orange for every time I’ve heard this response I’d have an entire grove.

Our Made From Fruit jewelry line is truly eye-catching, but usually, people don’t know what they’re looking at when they compliment it. The most popular pieces in this collection are the roses made from dried and twisted orange peels which can be brightly colored with natural dyes, and our necklaces that feature real coffee beans alongside açaí berry seeds. They’re modern, colorful, and incredibly unique and are a great conversation starter about the good that comes with styling sustainably.

Our team is inspired by the women we partner with. In many of the countries in which we work, employment opportunities for women are unsafe, undignified, or non-existent. When a woman is lifted out of poverty, she takes an average of three people with her and, ultimately, lifts up entire towns. When we make small changes in our buying habits and can see the long-lasting effects it has, it completely changes your perspective on life.