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It’s no surprise we’re fans of natural around here. All of our products are made from natural resources and are made by real-life humans. It’s part of our mission to be transparent with our customers and let them see our honesty and values. Whether it’s our materials or our business practices, we believe in showcasing exactly who we are. We want to discover real beauty and help others find the real beauty in their own lives along the way.

An Organic Online Presence.
With such beliefs, we have structured our photoshoots to reflect “natural.” We continue to honor our mission in how we advertise our products and how we choose to represent ourselves in our photos. What you see in our online presence is always our true self.

What You See is What You Get.
Our models are unlike most others on purpose. We use open casting calls to find local real women and up-and-coming aspiring models rather than hiring professionals. We want to show how everyday women can be confident in our sustainable styles and be proud of who they are. Our shots are minimally edited—we don’t airbrush our models, alter their physical appearance, or filter their natural selves. The majority of our edits are done to achieve ideal lighting and are not done to create an unrealistic beauty narrative. What you see is what you get with us.

Your Style, Your Most Confident Self.
We ask our models to bring their own favorite clothing styles so they can be confident during their shoots. This allows our styles to pair beautifully with every day, real looks and eliminates the waste of shopping for photoshoot outfits that will never be worn again. Being happy in your own skin can be reflected in being happy in your own clothes.

It’s important to us that we also show this real beauty, in all forms. We love working with a diverse range of models from skin tones to sizes to shapes to style preferences. We celebrate natural in every sense of the word and extend that to all branches of our storytelling. We hope our mission inspires others to feel the same.

The next time you start to edit or filter your photos, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Show off your most beautiful you and let’s all become fans of natural.