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Pearls are Always Appropriate

What is a Vegan Pearl?

Our vegan pearl collection utilizes the best sustainable materials to create styles that you’ll treasure for years to come. You’ll be amazed at how lightweight and versatile each piece in this collection will transition into your wardrobe.


Small things can change the world, and upcycling is a great way to begin. Each bead is obtained from real açaí seeds that have been used for juice. About 3/4 of the berry itself is comprised of the seed, which are usually discarded after the juicing process. Instead of creating waste, why not turn that waste into something beautiful?



Each raw seed has so many possibilities to transform into a wearable work of art. The unprocessed seed contains a natural husk that masks the beautiful ivory color just beneath. Husks can be enhanced to reveal the natural striated patterns, or removed completely depending on the desired finished product.



Our all-women team in South America have perfected the craft of working to transform these beautiful materials into beautiful styles. Your purchase creates immediate positive change in their community where jobs are typically held by men. By securing financial independence, it helps these hardworking women to have a voice and continue growing their cottage industry.



Sometimes simple is best. Vegan Pearl styles can be minimalistic or have a real wow-factor.



Pearls and jeans are such classic fall wardrobe staples. Our Tiva Necklace and Mesi Bracelets pair so well together and give a classic color pop to any outfit. And, every style in our Fair Trade line is adjustable. Depending on the neckline of your top, or the size of your wrist, these styles are sure to show off your best and most beautiful features.



Make your statement, your way. Vegan Pearls pair well with other styles handmade with eco-friendly materials. This look features the simple stylings of our Solo Necklace paired with the hand carved indian rosewood in our Menga Earrings.



We’re doing our job to cover the world with glitter and pearls! The Dano Necklace and Lujo Bracelet introduce just the right amount of color while remaining a true neutral. These styles together are friendly on your wallet, under $45 and the pair ships free.



Style it lowkey, style it loud. This collection is what you make of it. We can’t wait to see how you breathe life into these styles waiting for your fashionista vision. Tag your photos with #ithoughtofyou to show off your style!