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Personal Styling

Our network of Curators are the heart and soul of our business. Not only do they share our styles with customers across the country, they offer a personal level of styling service tailored just for you!


Here are some of our favorite styling tips from them.



Katie recommends being strategic with the styles; wear a statement necklace with a pair understated earrings or a simple bracelet, or wearing several simple bracelets to create a stacked look. She also recommends adding a delicate pop of color to bring a whole new lightness to your look.



Megan is a self-admitted mildly obsessed coffee enthusiast, you’ll find her wearing the Cafe Fresco Necklace and Lante Bracelet on most days (pictured above). The best part? Being able to smell the light natural aromas all day and watching people’s faces when she tells them it’s coming from her jewelry.



Heather’s go-to picks for an effortlessly bold and beautiful look are the Relang Necklace and Sabuk Belt. These conversation starters have stopped strangers wherever she goes and are the perfect way to share her business, her passion, and to expand her network.



After exploring the variety of handmade styles offered by I Thought of You, the Relang Necklaces in Crimson and Ocean are her go-to pick to be the finishing touch on her favorite outfits. Since then, her collection of favorites has grown to include the Tegar Necklace as well. “These necklaces are simple but really bring an outfit together.”



Tracy’s favorite pieces are the Mele Bracelet and Persa Cuff. The Mele is more casual and the Persa is a bit dressier. Both bracelets go with so many outfits and are easy and comfortable to wear!



Dena’s favorite styles are our Relang Necklace (are you seeing a trend here?), any of the Made From Fruit Necklaces, and her Kitty Hawk Sunglasses which she bought to sell but ended up keeping for herself because she fell in love with them instantly.


If you’re looking for a style recommendation, we suggest joining our VIP Group on Facebook.