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Random Acts of Kindness

When's the last time you inspired kindness? Here are some of our favorite ways to #spreadhope:

After winter weather hits, offer to shovel the driveways and walkways for senior citizens in your neighborhood.

Encourage someone to pursue their dreams.

Give more compliments and share overheard compliments.

Use Amazon Smile to contribute a portion of your purchase price to charities and causes important to you.

Mail a cute photo to your parents or grandparents.

Join the bone marrow registry.

Pay for someone else’s dinner.

Leave a big tip.

Reach out and talk to someone who may be going through a tough time in their life.

Collect soda can tabs and donate them to Ronald McDonald House.

Create a holiday to celebrate someone you love.

Tell the truth.

Keep an extra umbrella at work and lend it to others when it rains.

Learn the names of and say hello to people you see often, like security guards, front desk workers, and postal carriers.

Buy a meal for a homeless person.

Plant a tree.

Donate clothes, furniture, books, and eyeglasses to organizations in your community.

Help others find the positive aspects of life.

Write an unsolicited note praising someone.

Cut out an article and send it to someone.

When you see something good, share it with others.

Donate blood.

Support our troops by supporting their families here at home.

Allow someone to help you when they offer.

Listen, and don’t interrupt.

Check in with someone.

Send a “thinking of you” letter to a friend.

Volunteer at a local organization like Meals on Wheels.

Send postcards to sick children at your local children’s hospital.

Invite someone to dinner.

If you work in an office, bring in snacks for your coworkers.

Know a military member that’s just returned home that can’t find work? Hire them to do odd jobs around your home.

Be kind to yourself.

Register as an organ donor.

Leave a cold drink for your postal carrier or garbage collector on hot days.

Send a surprise gift to a friend.

Overcome gossip with compliments.

Call your parents or grandparents.

Buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand.

Hold the elevator.

If you receive great service somewhere, tell the manager.

Recently hosted an event? Donate leftover flowers to a nursing home.

Offer to run an errand for a friend who may be feeling overwhelmed.

Support your local foster care program.

Share a great book you recently read.

Offer to do an extra chore that your significant other usually takes care of.