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Reducing Negativity

Believing in yourself, your outcomes, and your way of life can change your perspective and reduce negativity in your life. These tips can create more positivity in your own life that will radiate to those around you as well.



Set boundaries
If someone in your life makes you feel bad about yourself or bad about what you do, that relationship might be toxic. Setting boundaries is important to reduce or eliminate toxic relationships. Sometimes it’s difficult to remove toxic people from your life, especially if they are family. If someone isn’t able to be removed from your life completely, try to minimize the time spent around people like this. Set boundaries with people who remain. Let them know if they’ve crossed a line and that their negativity isn’t welcome. It can be difficult, but don’t take things personally. Understand that people who speak badly towards you often are not at peace with themselves. Focus your energy on creating healthier, happier relationships.



Surround yourself with positive people
Many of us have a small group of friends or family who make you feel special, give us confidence, and empower us. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and do your part to lift up others around you. Be the positivity you want to see in the world.



Look at yourself honestly
We’ve all had times in our life when we’ve felt discouraged or jealous. Although it’s human nature, and not realistic to remove those emotions from happening, it’s important to be aware when you do have these feelings. Choose your words carefully and make a conscious effort not to spread negativity yourself. Instead of seeing what’s wrong in your life, think about what’s strong in your life. Accept yourself as who you are. Find your own imperfections and completely accept them. Make it a habit to be in the present.



Focus on the whats, not the what ifs
When you do have negative thoughts, challenge them. Focus on your current and future goals, and imagine yourself reaching them. Try your best not to let fear or anxiety make decisions for you. If a friend were going through a similar struggle, what advice would you give? In some instances, sometimes letting go and moving on is the best thing.



Do what you love, love where you do it
Do you have a job that you love? If it’s within your control, find a job that has a positive environment, good employee morale, and a healthy culture. We’ll all have days where things just don’t go our way, when coworkers will be grumpy, or deadlines are difficult to meet. If things just aren’t going your way, try and let go of how they were supposed to be and accept how they are. It can be challenging to keep things in perspective, but it’s crucial to maintaining a positive outlook even when things steer a bit off course.



Think positively
Think positive, it’s easier said than done. If you break it down to a few key points, however; you can move your thinking towards a place that will bring you happiness.


  • Think happy thoughts, you attract what you radiate.
  • Engage your curiosity.
  • Show others that you care.
  • Believe in yourself, your outcomes, and your way of life.
  • Change your perspective.



Get involved
And lastly, taking action is a great way to jumpstart your motivation and create a sense of meaning and purpose. Research local or national charities, non-profits, or philanthropic organizations that you care about and find ways to get involved. Join our team as a Curator to create positive change for people around the world by selling Fair Trade products. Participate in random acts of kindness. By focusing on the solutions, you’re actively bringing more positivity into your life as well as the lives of others.



How do you plan to take action, reduce negativity, and radiate positive energy?