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Resolutions for good.

A lot can happen in a year. New year, new chances, a new start.

I Thought of You is a new company offering unique opportunities to women around the world.

Join us and become an entrepreneur for good. We’ll provide the resources, training, mentorship, you provide the passion. Your work will empower hardworking people in developing countries by expanding their global marketplace, allowing them to construct their own sustainable business and provide life-changing income.

If you weren’t able to catch the 60 minutes special about The New Colombia, I urge you to take a few minutes this week to watch the clip linked here. We work with an all-women group in Colombia and I can’t put into words the gratitude they express for our partnership. From one of the most violent and war-torn countries, now emerges peace. The methods President Juan Manuel Santos used were untraditional, but how else were you supposed to get a message to thousands of Guerrilla troops spread across 150,000 miles of dense jungle?

Over eight years, 18,000 Guerillas put down their weapons and came home. Colombia’s transformation remains a work in progress. Drugs and violence are still present. But after several failed attempts, the country now has a peace deal with the FARC that was just passed by its Congress and feeling of confidence is sweeping over their nation.

Our Curators had a part in this. Our customers in the people of Colombia. These are the types of stories that validate what we do. Good people were literally caught in the crossfire and only wanted to see their nation regain a sense of pride. The opportunities given through job opportunities created with your Fair Trade purchase were a very small part of this transformation.

We are so proud to continue to play a part in their story and would love for you to join us. Play a part in a story of positive change, for you and for them. As you grow your own business, you’re also growing the business of artisans in developing countries.

This is your year to shine. Start 2017 out right by joining us in a movement to #spreadhope.