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Serious post ahead, no cute graphics for this one.

Running a business right now is hard. Running a small business with a give back mission? I don’t have a word to describe it. It’s like trying to run underwater against a current. We are fortunate to not be facing shipping delays (both inbound or outbound) like so many others are struggling with right now but mental exhaustion levels are high.

This isn’t a cry for pity or help, but would you keep us in your kind thoughts this season and into the holidays? Our hearts are in this for you, for our makers, for our affiliates, and we want to make an impact on everyone who crosses our path. Some days that’s easy, others it’s not. This year has (frankly) kicked our butts.

Nothing about this year has been normal. 12 months ago we thought everything would be back to life as we knew it, oh how wrong we were. Our customers continue to treat our team with grace, and we thank you so deeply for that. Please try to extend that grace to others you work with whether at a small business, a restaurant, a customer service agent on the phone, a nurse—they’re all trying their best, many times with cards stacked against them.

And if there’s something we can keep you in our thoughts about, please leave it in a comment in our Eco + Empowered Facebook Group. There’s never been a more crucial time to band together and lift each other.