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Sharing warmth

We were so inspired after stumbling on this story. Rather than discarding their extra scarves, some folks dreamed up a new way to share warmth while it’s so chilly in many parts of the country.


Kind men, women, and children in local communities are tying scarves around trees in public spaces as a way to care for the homeless in their communities. Many of the scarves come with a note that encourages those in need to untie the scarf from the tree and use it, now that temperatures are dropping. One note read, "If you are down on your luck and find this gift in a tree, know that it is given with love and completely free."


According to data reported in the Economist, there are over 1.49 million people in the United States who are homeless. Donated scarves have been seen on trees in Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, and even more states. If you're interested in making or donating knit items for those in need, you can find organizations in your local community that support those in need. We recommend researching charities you intend to support to ensure your donation ends up where you expect. Charity Navigator is a great resource to find great organizations near you.