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Spreading Hope Close to Home

As passionate as we are about supporting the global economy through handmade goods, we also care deeply about our local communities. By joining forces with our team of makers here in the United States, we are able to support local businesses by strengthening our own economy through providing meaningful, safe jobs and using our tax dollars for good.

We took some time to chat with our local makers who create our pieces that are made here in the USA. They are the creative artists behind our pewter earring styles, but we’ve been hard at work collaborating new, exciting styles launching late 2018 and early-to-mid 2019. We were able to gain some insight into their heart and passion for high-quality, hand-crafted goods.

Bev is 62. She has raised four children and now enjoys being fur mama to two sweet cats. She first began making jewelry when she was struck by a retail display and thought, “maybe I can make that myself!” A love of creating was born. Over the years she has honed her craft and she pours her love of art into her work. She is chasing big dreams through her handmade jewelry - including traveling to Ireland and even meeting Bono!

Matt is 27. He began crafting jewelry when he was just 17 and was instantly successful at his trade. Over the past 10 years he has worked with many materials, but his favorites are semi-precious stones and wire wrappings. He is driven by his love of nature and uses his free time to gather inspiration from hiking, mediation, and travel. He seeks to use his handmade jewelry to pursue travel in Europe and to help others.

Anne Marie is 30. She uses her craft to care for and inspire others - including her own daughter, Rose. She has been in the handmade jewelry business for over 13 years is so passionate about her trade that, by choice, she rarely takes a day off. Through her handmade jewelry, she hopes to inspire others within the small business community to pursue entrepreneurship and self-improvement.

Finally, Joe is 18. When he’s not working on his craft he is spending time with his girlfriend or improving himself further through welding. He began handcrafting jewelry as a child when he was inspired by his older siblings, and his specialty is utilizing wooden beads. He is also using his business to pursue his dream of helping others. He hopes to open a trade school that will support men in rehabilitation and building skills of their own!

Our team of USA makers share our passion for making this world a better place through life impact, and we are excited to continue our work with them in upcoming launches!