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Sustainable Lifestyles, Sustainable Budgets

You know the moment when you’re shopping and suddenly find that must-have, I-have-been-searching-for-this-in-my-dreams, wow-I-am-so-in-love item and you’re ecstatic to finally bring it home, until you look at the price tag and what your eyes see completely kills your shopping high? Then in the moments that follow you debate whether this not-so-high-quality piece is worth the substantial hit it would take on your bank account? Yes, we’ve been there, too.

Quality Over Quantity.
The current fashion industry can do a pretty good job at killing these shopping highs. Is a purchase really a bargain if it might fall apart after 3 wears? It seems we reward these trends of low-quality, fast fashion items with our willingness to still pay the not-so-worth-it prices.

Now, what if you were to find a similar piece but of much higher quality and a piece made from eco-responsible materials? And what if that same piece supported jobs of hardworking women in developing countries, giving them stable incomes and hope for their futures? Is it just us or did your shopping high revive itself…

Sustainable Wardrobes, Sustainable Budgets.
It’s a common misconception that sustainable wardrobes can’t be budget-friendly. As a business in the sustainable fashion world, we understand this. Many prices you see in the sustainable industry can seem like a lot to swallow when we’re accustomed to our $5 finds at noteable fast fashion stores. When you educate yourself on what’s behind the prices and what your purchase represents; however, the price is not only validated but worth it.

It’s time we stop rewarding fast fashion practices and start evaluating what these purchases mean for ourselves, others, and our environment in the long run.

With the fashion industry standing as the second highest polluting industry in the world, the threat of its continued environmental destruction only continues to increase. It’s not only important that brands take action to reduce their carbon footprint now, but also that consumers think twice about the products they purchase. If a price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

What Goes In Must Come Out in the Price Tag.
It can be hard to justify spending more for a smaller number of items than shopping big fast fashion chains for mass quantities in small prices. To make smart choices, it's important to know what goes into the making of an eco-friendly garment from start to finish and how that contributes to the prices they sell for.

There are three main factors that go into the cost of slow fashion pieces:

  1. The crops that produce the natural fibers in environmentally-safe materials can cost more to grow than synthetic, manmade materials are to manufacture.
  2. Working conditions and worker benefits are vastly improved from other operations that support child or forced labor.
  3. Shipping, logistics, and packaging costs may be impacted to choose transit with a lower carbon footprint.

When you consider the quality of the final piece, responsible production processes from start to finish, and the fair treatment of everyone involved, these prices become much clearer as to where your money is going and what you’re truly investing in.

Defining Your Sustainable Lifestyle.
Sustainable fashion isn’t just how it’s made, how it’s bought can also play a factor as well. Can you say hello, thrifting and vintage!? It can also be defined by the longevity of a garment. If you’ll wear something for the next 20 years (or more), that’s more ideal than something you’ll love for 6 months then toss. Sustainability is a mindset, how you act upon it defines what sustainable lifestyle is right for you.

Think about what’s important when it comes to your wardrobe and how you can dress to profess those values. It’s not necessary to have a closet that consists of 100% sustainable fashion pieces to make a difference. Small changes over time still add up to a big impact.

The next time you find that gotta-have-it piece, if the price reflects the sustainable practices that went into producing it, you can now know what goes into the price. Long live the shopping high when paired together with responsible consumerism!


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