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Sustainablity Is A Plus - 5 Brands to Watch

Launching our convertible apparel line last year was a celebration to continue the discussion about inclusivity in clothing. No matter the size of the women, she deserves to look beautiful and be comfortable in everyday wear; there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a cute outfit then realizing it’s not available in your size.

We want to shine the spotlight on brands that embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion while making their styles available to women of all shapes and sizes.

Brand: Conscious Clothing
Available sizes: XS-2XL
Price point: $$$-$$$$
Description: Embracing slow fashion and multi-season wear is at the heart of their mission. Each piece is made to order which ensures overstock is never an issue and reuses fabric scraps to make the most of our natural resources.

Brand: Elizabeth Suzann
Available sizes: XXX-4XL
Price point: $$-$$$$ with free worldwide shipping
Description: This Nashville-based uses silk, linen, and cotton to create wardrobe staples for the modern women. These looks can transition from business casual to everyday wear in beautiful, earthy tones.

Brand: Girlfriend Collective
Available sizes: XXS-6XL
Price point: $$-$$$ with free shipping on all leggings
Description: Leggings made from discarded plastic water bottles in Taiwan - who knew! They take a special interest in marine life preservation by cleaning up ocean pollution to ensure waste doesn’t negatively impact their environment.

Brand: I Thought of You
Available sizes: XS-3XL
Price point: $$ with free shipping on orders $69+
Description: Responsibly made tops and shrugs that look great on women of every shape and size to eliminate waste and overstock on odd sizes. Convertible apparel styles can be worn up to 18 or more unique ways with a single piece to help maximize a minimalist wardrobe.

Brand: Alternative Apparel
Available sizes: XS-2XL
Price point: $$-$$$
Description: Comfortable wear made to last from organic cotton, designed for men and women. Their environmental awareness even extends to their packaging which has contributed to significant landfill reduction and water conservation.

Do you have a favorite eco-friendly inclusive brand? We’d love to look them up! Share it with us in a comment on Facebook.