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Taking a Look Back

I am here to share with you our mission, our dream. My name is Mandy, I’m the founder of our brand called I Thought of You. We are a eco and sustainable brand that designs and sells apparel, accessories, jewelry, wood sunglasses, and lots lots more but we are so much more than a brand that sells pretty things. Our brand stands for people, specifically these people.

We partner with women in 9 countries—women in at-risk communities, women who couldn’t otherwise afford to feed their kids, women who are at risk of falling victim to trafficking. We work alongside them as they craft handmade, gorgeous accessories that are eco-friendly and made from natural materials. Your partnership as a customer, a follower, a fan supports, empowers, and gives hope to our makers. To put it simply: your purchase changes a life.

When a woman is lifted out of poverty she takes an average of 3 people with her. When we support Fair Trade, we are literally giving a voice to women who had none. We work all over the world but we’re based right here in the US.

These styles, all of our products started out by providing steady work and a steady paycheck to 1 woman in Indonesia, our very first maker who we partnered with almost 8 years ago. Our partnership allowed her to be able to afford to send her children to school and get clean drinking water. Our story has grown to create a movement which is paving the way to create a world in which we can all have a positive impact.

For me, 2020 has really been a year of reflection—thinking about how many lives we’ve touched in these past 6 years despite the challenges and hurdles we’ve faced. It’s been a year to know and to honor your own worth. Cling to the truths about who you are. To dream so big because you are loved, you are treasured, you’re beautiful, and you are so worthy of those dreams. I hope you can know that, embrace that, and not let anything hold you back from what you want to go after.