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The Impact Movement

Unless you’ve just begun following us, you’re probably well aware of our mission to spread hope in developing countries by offering employment opportunities to underserved communities. (And if you are new to us, welcome!) Nearly every Fair Trade brand embraces this model, so we wanted to break it down and help our customers truly understand it.

This is a unique way of doing business that shows how a broad impact can be made without simply donating to a charity. The opportunities provided to these groups help them rise above their situations and give them the tools and experience to continue growing their potential. When you help one woman rise above poverty, she takes an average of 4-6 people with her and the impact is felt in the entire community.

When customers purchase our Fair Trade styles, they’re creating a building block for sustainable businesses around the world and providing income and job training for people who need it most. I Thought of You also participates in Impact Sourcing by using materials abundant in the various regions of our artisans. This eliminates the need to transport raw materials long distances and further emphasizes the eco-friendly nature of slow fashion.

Three core principles help us achieve our goals:
  • Be supportive. We provide our artisans with an environment for success, which includes access to the global marketplace and assistance in areas like product development and quality control.
  • Be fair. We ensure that each artist is fairly compensated for their time, labor, and talent. Our partners set their own prices to help ensure a stable income. We’re committed to making our products in a way that is good for people and good for the environment.
  • Be thoughtful. Each product is handmade using natural, recycled, and/or upcycled materials. When you say yes to our Fair Trade, eco-friendly goods, you’re saying no to sweatshops, unfair wages, and child labor.

If the Impact Movement is something that speaks to you, we encourage you to find out more about joining our team by creating a small business in your local community. Our Curator opportunity enables you to sell Fair Trade merchandise by becoming an entrepreneur for good by providing the resources, training, and mentorship to earn a generous commission on each sale you make.