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The Joy of Lively Living

You know when you pass a coworker in the hallway who you only kind of know but know enough that one of you still has to say something? You know when one of you asks, “Hey, how’s it going?” and the other replies, “Living my best life!” energetically but also sarcastically? And you know when you both chuckle slightly then move on, satisfied that you engaged in somewhat of a conversation?

Well, what if that response were true—what if you were actually living your best life? What if you woke up every morning happy with where you were and who you are? We’re here to tell you that kind of life is possible.

Making a Good Morning Great.
Living your best life can come off as a daunting task. Life is an undefinable amount of time and it’s hard to plan for something that’s undefined. To make it more practical, we’re challenging you to start living your best day. Making smaller, attainable goals is key to achieving your bigger ones. So, let’s start living our best days and soon we’ll be living our best lives.

Every day starts with a morning (we know, a mind-blowing fact). And your morning can set the tone for your entire day, or really, the rest of your week. When you begin your day with purpose, you grow closer to the goals you want to achieve, the first actions you take in the morning are key for such success.

Set the Phone Down, Set Yourself Up for Success.
A simple first step to bettering your morning is shifting your morning routine. When your alarm goes off, do you immediately pick up your phone and peruse all the emails waiting for you? Skim the headlines? Browse through social media? This probably isn’t what your brain needs first thing to focus or think clearly. These actions aren’t setting you up to ease into the day.

Rather than spend those first 15 minutes awake on your phone, get up and stretch. It has been scientifically proven that morning stretching helps kick-start your energy levels and helps improve circulation throughout your body. Not to mention, it feels fantastic! Focus on breathing and prepping your mind for what’s ahead of you. Clear your thoughts, focus on you and your goals.

Take advantage of starting anew and don’t get distracted by yesterday’s woes or become bogged down worrying about tomorrow.

Small Steps, Big Impacts.
Find something uplifting that you can look forward to each morning. Maybe that’s meditation or yoga. Maybe it’s a daily calendar with a positive affirmation. Experiment with different methods until you find something that sticks and that you can turn into a routine.

Having clarity each morning changes your focus for what’s to come. You’ll begin finding meaning in other aspects of your day and feeling inspired to strive for bigger and better goals. Understanding that the actions you take and the choices you make matter, creates a life with purpose. And these small steps you’re making will establish positive differences you can carry with you.

Mindsets That Empower.
 Either you run the day, or the day runs you. This is our inspiration. We challenge ourselves to run the day, to maintain a positive attitude and outlook, and to live with purpose. Life has difficulties regardless of who you are, we get that. It’s how we face those difficulties that let our mindsets be ones that empower us, not limit us.

The next time your semi friend/coworker passes you by down the hallway, let that once sarcastic response actually reflect how you claim to be doing. Empower your mindset to focus on positivity. Having your best life is possible, so how will you start living to that truth?