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The Social Challenges of Fair Trade

We focus on positivity, opportunity, and results. It’s amazing what happens when we work together towards a mission we all believe in. Our goal is to inspire our fans and customers to believe in our mission. Because of you, we’ve brought opportunities of food, water, education, shelter, and quality of life.


Did you know that 42% of Americans don’t trust in charity? It’s not that the desire to help isn’t there, it’s the fact that they don’t know where their money actually goes.


We’re not a charity, but we hold ourselves (and our artisans) accountable. We’ve had the same principles from the start:

  • Fair and up-front payment to artisans for their materials, labor, and talent.
  • Ensuring safe working conditions for each and every worker.
  • Creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind products.
  • Selling these products at reasonable prices.


Our artisans are experts in their craft. Traditions and skills are passed down between generations. They know their region, where to sustainably source materials abundant in their own backyards, and they can’t wait to share their skill with you.


If you could play a part in creating lasting change, would you? Every single person can make a difference. Really. It’s with the efforts of the compassionate that we share opportunity and success around the globe. We’ve purchased over 65,000 handmade pieces from hardworking individuals around the world. And every single one of those products has given those artisans the one thing they want most - an opportunity to thrive.


We may be small, but our desire to make a difference is what drives us. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s the happiness and hope are absolutely contagious. Our goals are big, but our desire to make a difference is what keeps us going.


There’s nothing we can’t do better together. With your help, we can spread joy and prosperity to every corner of the globe.