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This process matters.

Remember the #whomademyclothes movement? I made your jewelry. We’d like you to get to know some of our artisans who love making the pieces that make you feel beautiful.

This trend started an important conversation with our global community and sparked consumers to ask the tough questions. Its impact was felt, but we want to keep the conversation going. Take a look into the workshop and see the process used to create our latest arrivals.

Every detail of our new tassel necklace styles is handcrafted. The cord is loomed to create a durable foundation for the knotting process.

A hand-tied knot is placed between each bead. This is an important detail to craft a product designed to worn and enjoyed for quite a long time. It also allows light to pass around each bead, producing a shimmering eye-catching statement piece.

As the beaded strand grows, the pattern emerges. This tutorial shows the making process of our our Tua Necklace, a customer favorite style that features real pearls.

Next comes the tassel!

Durable threads are wrapped around blocks to create a consistent length for each bundle. Artisans carefully cut the threads to create the dangles.

The head of the tassel is gathered and bound, then secured to the beaded necklace.

Are you ready to create your own style revolution? Pick up your next favorite piece from our new Beach Vibes summer 2017 collection to see the love and care that goes into each style for yourself!