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Thrift Shopping Like a Pro

Buying secondhand clothing and furniture is a wonderful way of giving new life to pre-loved pieces (and helps cut down on landfill bulk, too). With the increase in popularity of thrift hunting, more and more local spots are popping up every year. If you’ve not mastered the art of the thrift just yet, it can be a little intimidating, but we have some tips to help you get started.

Budget accordingly
Go prepared if you’re looking for something specific. Have a budget in mind? Take out the cash to avoid spending way more than you planned. Just because something is a bargain doesn’t automatically mean you should buy it!

Mind the clutter
Be mindful about bringing too much into your home. If your home is already full, consider doing a purge of old, unused items before loading up the car with new finds. Even better - find a resale shop in your neighborhood and sell those unused items for cash.

Dress the part
Most thrift shops don’t have fitting rooms (and don’t accept returns) so dress accordingly. You want to be sure items fit before checking out so wear a tank and leggings to be able to try on items on the shop floor. If you fall in love with something that doesn’t fit you perfectly, consider learning how to do simple alterations at home or look up a local seamstress in your area.

As you find local shops that fit your taste, you can even try to get to know the staff. If you’re a regular and see something come in that fits your style, they might even call you up to let you know!

If you’re a pro thrifter, we’d love to know your tips and hear about your favorite find - let us know on our Facebook page!