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Trending Now: Coffee

Whether you prefer a cappuccino, espresso, latte, or flat white, it’s not surprise that the popularity of coffee drinks continues to rise. The coffee consumption level in America today is at its highest peak in the last six years (and continues to lead the world in overall consumption, too).

And while we don’t offer the drinkable kind, we can set you up with coffee bean jewelry that puts a little perk in each step you take while you wear it. If you love the fragrance of coffee beans, we have some styles you might like:

The art of handmade is alive and well. Almost 80% of people polled said they had a brewed a cup of coffee at home in the last day (as compared to 36% of people who said they purchased a cup from somewhere else).

Drink up and style boldly with our handmade coffee styles. Take a look at our whole coffee-loving collection.