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Wash, Fold, Dry, Repeat.

There’s a reason our clothing has care tags. How we care for our apparel (and especially how we clean them) has a big impact on how long they’ll last. Have you ever been compared to laundry? Because as I’m writing this, I feel like this could apply to all of us as well 😂

If you practice a sustainable lifestyle, how you wash your clothes can have a big impact on the release of microfibers into the environment. These quick and easy tips will be sure you’re always able to dress like it’s the best day of your life while being respectful to your environment at the same time.

Wash on cool—a lower temperature wash is less aggressive, so therefore less likely to stimulate fibre release, and also saves energy.

Use liquid detergent—it’s less abrasive than powdered detergent and is more than adequate for cleaning.

Wash full loads—a full washing machine means less friction between items and fewer fibers released. You’ll also have to wash fewer loads in total and will use less water overall.

Air dry when possible—it uses less energy and keeps fibers in-tact longer.

The secret of great style is to feel good about what you wear. And when you can feel good about the role you play in our sustainable ecosystem, you’ll feel even more stylish and savvy.