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What Makes a Conscious Consumer?

The hunt for cheap is a dangerous game. Cheap rarely means Fair and it can be tough to determine products that have an ethical production background. If paying a few less dollars means someone else was paid only pennies for their labor, how does that make you feel?

Educating yourself, then speaking up about ethical consumerism is a step we can all take to bring more transparency to retail products. Start small, find one type of product you buy on a regular basis and learn more about what goes into creating that product. Where is that product made? Which companies provide transparency into the creation? Do any companies in this arena speak up about production and the workers behind the scenes?

After you’ve done some research into one industry, move on to another. This can be such a large issue, so don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to solve every problem all at once. Small changes have a big impact. Better yet, start a conversation in your community with what you’ve learned. Being a smart consumer is not only watching your wallet’s bottom line but also identifying opportunities to have a positive impact on people and the planet.