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Why we’re choosing to forego our salary to help others.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. When we started our brand more than 5 years ago, our sole mission was to give back to people who had no safety net, no social systems to fall back on, and no job opportunities due to no fault of their own. Once shelter-in-place orders began happening in the U.S. this week and our economy began shifting, order volumes declined. Our revenue of product sales is how we provide for people around the world—and without that income stream, there is no opportunity to provide.

This is why our leadership team has made the decision to decline a salary, at least for March and April, until we see stabilization in the economy and until it’s possible to resume normal operations. Customers can be assured that the funds from every sale made will be used in responsible ways to help the people who need it most. We hope this is a short-lived measure, but we want to walk the walk and show that we’re all in to help in each and every way we know how.

Spreading hope is at the center of our mission. We know that sunny days lie ahead and we’re looking forward to returning back to normal. Until then—take a breath and make healthy decisions for yourself. We hope to continue to be your favorite eco-retailer and a leader in the sustainability fashion industry.