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Working From Home + Making a Difference

Working out of your home can be an appealing option, whether it’s to spend more time with kids, have a flexible schedule, or just to avoid long commutes. Modern technology has created so many opportunities to collaborate, reach customers, and be more successful than ever before.

Our business model is focused on giving back and creating positive change in developing countries. What some people don’t know is that we’re just as focused on creating opportunities here in the US as well. Earlier this year we launched a Made in the USA collection of styles handcrafted by a minority-run business in the northeast. We also have options for those who want to sell our styles (either in person or online) and earn a generous commission with each sale.

Each month we feature one of our independent sellers (we call them Curators) in a spotlight series to show how they’re promoting positivity while creating a business all their own. We wanted to take that one step further and give you an insider’s view of the flexibility becoming a Curator can offer. Below are thoughts from members of our Curator team.


What are the startup costs?

Join for as little as $99, this buys you a Starter Kit of merchandise (worth almost $300 in retail value) and includes business supplies as well. Your website and back office access is included free of charge and there are no costs beyond your Starter Kit to be a seller.


What are the perks?

My favorite part is becoming a member of the sisterhood of Curators. We share inspiration, uplift each other, offer suggestions, and enjoy working alongside each other while knowing we’re playing a part in helping women around the world. Curators are also eligible to shop at 50% off and can redeem free perks each month to use to help grow their business.


What do you do to work your business, what do your duties include?

It depends on the day, really. Most days I work to update my social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) and follow up on comments, messages, and emails I’ve received. If I have a Pop-Up Shop coming up soon, I’ll check in with my hostess to help her have a stress-free and successful event. If I have a craft show coming up, I might be setting up my display at home so I can make sure everything is ready to go. On any given day though, I’m just wearing my accessories. It’s the easiest way to start a conversation and have an easy opportunity to hand out a business card. I’ve sold pieces right off my body more times than you’d think.


What is your favorite part of working with I Thought of You?

Everyone involved with I Thought of You believes in the mission, it’s hard not to fall in love when you learn the story behind the business. If you’re here reading this, you probably already know what they stand for, so I’ll give a less obvious answer.

I like that Curators are not required to recruit, we make a commission on the products sold. This works for me because building and maintaining a team isn’t something I wanted to focus on and it helps their business stand apart from others out there.


What do you find challenging?

Sometimes I’m not a very organized person. Any small business owner knows that organization is a fundamental key to success. I’ve gotten better in this area but it’s still something I can work harder to improve. The Care Team at I Thought of You recommends having a “constant calendar” so you can work ahead to fill your schedule. Getting better at this is one of my summer goals.


How are training and support provided?

The Care Team is a group dedicated staff that’s here to make sure you have answers. Whether you’re just getting started (and need help setting up your account) or have been here for years (and need guidance to answer a customer’s question), they’re here to help. You are also provided a digital Back Office at no charge that contains training materials to give you a place to get started.



If you’re interested in joining our team, you can find more information on the Partner page of the website. I Thought of You works on an application system to ensure your area is still open to accept new partners (the number of sellers is limited per area) and to be sure you’ll be a good fit for the team.