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Working Remotely and Staying Productive

Working remotely can be incredibly rewarding and provide a sense of freedom and ownership in your time and your final product. This modern workforce trend can increase productivity and provide flexibility but can also pose challenges for the workplace and the worker. Our entire network of Curators work on their own schedule wherever they choose, here are a few tips we’ve found to keep remote working effective while utilizing its benefits.


Enjoy what you do

Do you take pride in your work? If not, you might be in the wrong job. This isn’t a challenge known only to a remote workplace, but the problems can be amplified if workers are isolated and don’t care to reach out for help. If you aren’t passionate about your company, your responsibilities, or the finished product, it might be time to search for something that sparks your interest a bit more.



A quick watercoolor chat to catch up with team members might seem trivial, but these impromptu conversations can help to forge close bonds with coworkers that increase worker happiness. When employees are each in their respective homes (or coffee shops, or on the road), encourage them to continue to reach out to others. Feeling connected to your team, even remotely, will foster a sense of community and instill the camaraderie you’d find in a physical workplace.


Be proactive

Every job has barriers. Knowing what they are and how to counteract them is crucial, but even moreso when workers are a bit more on their own. Find out what tools your crew needs to effectively manage and complete their workload. Emphasizing organization is important for sticking to deadlines and knowing the progress of a given project.


Measure your productivity

Do your workers know what their work is impacting? Share your company vision and let them see (or even contribute) to the overall goals that you’re aiming for. Celebrating the accomplishments of yourself and your teammates will help to show progression of a given task and keep your team motivated and ready to tackle the next challenge.


Know when to unplug

Leaving a physical office is a good sign that it’s time to spend with family, relaxing, or other personal tasks. When your office is in the same space you take care of your other obligations, it can sometimes be challenging to carve out time for yourself and stop the grind. Having a dedicated space to work, setting office hours, and sticking to your scheduled “off” time will help you avoid burnout.