I Thought of You is a new company that sells Fair Trade goods that are not only beautiful, but also have beautiful stories behind them. Each piece transforms lives in a real way by offering sustainable income opportunities for people in developing countries.



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My name is Jami Gallegos, and I am proud to be an I Thought Of You Curator based out of Maple Valley, WA. Do you ever have those moments in life when something just speaks to you? You just know in your heart that it is the right thing for you- that it is everything you believe in and more? That is exactly what happened to me when I discovered I Thought Of You. I have never thought of myself as a sales person, and could never see myself selling random products that I did not believe in or use myself. But when I came across this company, I was drawn to not only the products themselves, but the mission of the company. I have always wanted to help bring change and opportunity to the world, but life happens, and raising small children and being family focused doesn’t always lend time to traveling on missions, donating huge amounts of money to charity or doing mass amounts of community service. That is why I became a Curator- to know that I am able to support opportunities for artisans in developing countries who otherwise would not have the means to produce and sell their goods, while being able to continue to raise and support my family from the comforts of home.










To date, I Thought of You has purchased over 60,000 pieces from craftspeople worldwide.


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