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We aren’t actually introducing jewelry made from fresh vegetables, it might not smell so great once we actually shipped it to you. But we do carry an entire line of Jewelry Made from Fruit; each piece is dried and naturally preserved, it’s durable and is colored using natural dyes.


Our all-woman team of artisans in South America are hard at work creating one-of-a-kind works of art with upcycled fruit, nuts, berries, and beans. These products in our Made From Fruit line have quickly become best sellers since being introduced in early 2015.

 Here's a peek back at some of our favorite fragrant styles in this collection:


Orange peels are collected from street juice vendors. These upcycled pieces, which would have otherwise been thrown away, are cleaned and prepped to be transformed into flowers, twists, or spirals. After drying in the sun for seven days, they harden to a texture similar to stiff leather while retaining the natural oils for a light citrus scent. Natural dyes are added to create bright styles, or the peels can remain uncolored for a whiteish hue.