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Bambu Earrings
Bambu Earrings

Bambu Earrings

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The Bambu Earrings are a modern design that seamlessly blends natural elements with artistic craftsmanship. ­čî┐ÔťĘ

Handcrafted in Indonesia by our talented artisans, these earrings feature real bamboo slices and a carved piece of mother of pearl shell inlaid in resin. The result is a harmonious fusion of earthy elegance and contemporary flair.

With an approximate 1.25" dangle, these earrings exude a captivating charm that's perfect for both casual outings and special occasions. The natural texture of bamboo combined with the iridescence of mother of pearl creates a stunning visual contrast that's sure to turn heads.

This style celebrates the beauty of sustainable materials and the skillful hands that transform them into wearable art. By choosing these earrings, you not only adorn yourself with a symbol of modern style but also support a Fair Trade movement that empowers artisans in Indonesia.

Make a statement that reflects your appreciation for nature-inspired design and ethical fashion. Let the Bambu Earrings be a testament to your commitment to style with a conscience.

Handcrafted in Indonesia by talented artisans.