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Sungai Bracelet

Sungai Bracelet

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Introducing the Sungai Bracelet – a natural masterpiece that brings the earth's beauty to your wrist. 🌿🌈

Handcrafted with care by our talented artisans in India, this bracelet embodies the essence of nature and the artistic skills of our craftsmen. Each stone chip is meticulously smoothed and selected to create a harmonious blend of earthy tones, reminiscent of the serene landscapes that surround us.

As you wear the Sungai Bracelet, you'll feel a deep connection to the earth's elements and the energy they carry. The smoothness of the stone chips against your skin serves as a gentle reminder to stay grounded, to embrace the natural rhythms of life, and to find beauty in the simplicity of nature.

The Sungai Bracelet stretches to comfortably fit your wrist, making it easy to wear and enjoy throughout the day. Its versatile design allows you to stack it with other bracelets or let it shine on its own, adding a touch of natural elegance to any outfit.

By choosing the Sungai Bracelet, you are not only adorning yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry but also supporting Fair Trade practices and the livelihoods of our talented artisans. We believe in the power of ethical craftsmanship and its ability to create positive change in the world.

Handmade in India by talented artisans. Fair Trade, imported.