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Artisan Spotlight: Indonesia

Indonesia is a rich and colorful culture full of tight-knit families, spicy food, bright clothing, and luscious beaches. Our artisans in this tropical region have huge hearts that pour love and care into their handmade pieces and we have felt so lucky to be welcomed into their culture.

One of the ways we seek to support them is making sure that their product is economical and sustainable for them to source.

For example, they are able to dye fabric naturally using berries and plants found in abundance in their regions. Indonesia is also full of forests, and our artisans are able to make hand-carved wood accessories through gathering the wood responsibly and using resources they already have.

How does this impact their lives?
Our artisans are able to work in safe, clean environments where they make a fair wage.

As part of a culture that struggles economically but prioritizes community, this means our artisans are able to provide housing and food for their family through a sustainable income. Their work not only provides for them practically, but also gives their life great meaning.

How does this impact your life?

Fair trade artisans, like ours in Indonesia, rely on your support through the purchasing of their products they craft so consciously. In return, you receive beautiful, hand-crafted pieces that bless you and bring you joy. When you are part of an artisan’s life story, your wardrobe takes on a whole new meaning and that is what the slow fashion movement is all about!

We’d love to share more with you about our commitment to slow fashion.