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Artisan Spotlight: Styling with Coffee Beans

We’re giving you an inside look into our Colombian artisan’s workshops as they work with some of today’s most precious resources: coffee beans.

It’s no secret that Colombia is the home of the world’s best coffee. It’s unique climate and geography results in a rich, yet mild flavor of brew.

In our efforts to create sustainable, unique pieces that are economical for our artisans, we created a line of goods created exclusively from beautiful Colombian coffee beans.

Here are glimpses into the process of creating these eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Why does this process matter?
Slow fashion seeks to create the least amount of damaging environmental impact while creating fair wages for artisans. This is a movement that is growing in popularity rapidly, and this is thrilling news! As more shoppers are able to make educated decisions about the impact of their purchase, the slow fashion movement grows stronger and world is changed for good.

This is just one aspect of our commitment to the Fair Trade, sustainable, and slow fashion movement!