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Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe (part 3)

So far in our journey of building a minimalist, sustainable capsule wardrobe we have worked through getting started and using accessories to add variety to key staples.

Another way to successfully build a capsule wardrobe that remains fresh, interesting and practical is to make sure that each article of clothing serves multiple purposes all year round.


Multi-Use Staples

Ankle boots are a great all-season addition because they can be worn with jeans, dresses, or skirts and can be dressed up or down.

Cardigans or light jackets also are useful a addition because they can be layered over short or long sleeves, with dresses or jeans, and can also work well with a variety of looks!

Speaking of light layers, a simple neutral skirt is also a handy piece of clothing to have in your minimalist closet because it can be worn so many ways. Either a black or denim skirt can easily work with boots and tights, or sandals in the summer.

Basically, the key is to include pieces that can be dressed up or down and are not too heavy and not too light, making them comfortable no matter the weather or occasion.


Transforming Your Clothes

Another thing you can do to multiply your outfits is to transform your clothing! Something as simple as wearing a shirt tucked, or the sleeves cuffed, can give it a whole new look.

Or, you can invest in convertible apparel.

Convertible clothing are pieces that can be worn multiple ways that not only give them a different look, but make them into something entirely new.

For example, in everything from the new Birch & Grace line, one size fits every body™ XS-3XL and can transform into over 18 looks - from a dress, to a tunic, to a kimono to a scarf and every style in-between.

Since light layers are so important to building a minimalist wardrobe, the fact that they are all made from soft, breathable fabric is very practical. They are also all Fair Trade and handcrafted in Indonesia which makes them sustainable and impactful!

Our Birch & Grace line will be available next month. We are so excited to share more about this #slowfashion movement and the women artisans who handcraft each style one at a time.

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