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Upcycled Clothing and Why It Matters

Travel culture is currently at an all-time high. As free-spirited Americans, we dream big and seek bigger landscapes than the ones found at our back door. Our concern and curiosity about the environment is sending more and more citizens on planes and less of them to the mall, saving hard-earned cash in a tough economy for travel, experiences, and products we believe in.

As a fair trade, eco-friendly company deeply invested in the lives of our artisans, it is this spirit of global awareness and love for other cultures that drives us.

But what does it mean to be “eco-friendly” and have “global impact”?

For something to be eco-friendly means for it to be good for the earth and good for us. It means the product is made sustainably from existing, natural sources. No stripping away from limited earth resources, no landfills, and no toxic chemicals - like the wood used in our jewelry that is ethically sourced from the lush forests of Indonesia.

For a product to have global impact means it gives back to the country’s local economy by giving them work that is affordable and sustainable for them to create. Our makers in Colombia use citrus to make necklaces or the local fique plant to make earrings.

But even more than that, buying eco-friendly pieces upcycled from natural sources means we are carrying a piece of that country’s story, it’s culture. For example, many of our pieces from our makers in Colombia are made from açai berries, which are plentiful in the iconic, beautiful Andes mountains.

Reusing and upcycling natural material tells a story. We get a small piece of their story, their heritage, their culture, and their home. And when you purchase their handmade items, it gives them a real, sustainable livelihood.

We'd love for you to explore more about why our mission matters.