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We’re hiring. And a whole lot more.

Curious about what we do and how we do it? See what we’re all about:


We’re making an impact.

Every Fair Trade product we sell empowers people in developing countries. We’ve purchased over 65,000 handmade pieces from hardworking individuals around the world. And every single one of those products has given those artisans the one thing they want most - an opportunity to thrive.


We’re funding dreams.

Nearly half the world’s population lives on less than $3USD per day. Fair Trade workers earn several times more than a country’s average wage creating self-sufficiency through sustainable work. As an adult, imagine the feeling of earning enough money to open your first savings account and the sense of relief knowing that you’re able to provide for your family. It’s simply indescribable.


We’re making education possible.

Our artisans are experts in their craft. Traditions and skills are passed down between generations so your purchase not only gives new life to time-honored style, income earned by our artisans support their families and communities pay for their basic needs like food, water, shelter, and education.


We’re giving women an opportunity to grow their skills (and bank accounts).

Our Curators run their own small businesses. And while that might sound intimidating, it’s incredibly empowering to be in control of your future. You bring the passion and excitement, we provide the training and tools needed to set you up for success.


We’re making sustainable stylish and affordable.

Our styles are our own, we love to be able to bring modern trends to an industry that can do so much good. Our styles products are priced similarly to traditionally manufactured goods. The added benefit of Fair Trade means you’re getting a product that makes a difference without an impact on your wallet.


We’re creating role models.

Be the woman you want your daughters, nieces, sisters, and others in your community look up to. We’d love to share with you empowering stories from real Curators: Elizabeth, Tracy, and Dena to show how you can create your own success story.


We’re empowering women and growing their networks

Here, and there. In the US and around the world. Our remote work opportunities are rewarding and provide a sense of freedom and ownership. It’s amazing what happens when we work together towards a mission we all believe in. We’d love to introduce you to our network of Curators to learn from, grow with, and laugh together.


And, we’re hiring.

If you’re inspired to create positive change with us, fill out an application. We’d love to see if you’d be a great fit for our growing team.