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Busting Sustainable Fashion Myths

The Fair Trade movement is growing so we think it’s a great time to bust this myth: Fair Trade requires taking jobs from Americans and giving them to people in other countries.

The REALITY? Fair Trade products originate from the culture and items in abundance in other countries. Our products highlight the unique creativity and resourcefulness in countries around the world without infringing on any jobs in the U.S. By shopping Fair Trade with us, you are supporting the poorest of the poor around the globe. It’s as if you’re holding the face of one of our Peruvian makers in your hands and saying directly into her eyes, “I see you, I value you, and I support you.”

We do more than just sell accessories, we support dreams 🌤


These are just some of the hardworking ladies that lovingly create everything in our shop by hand. Did you know you can learn more about each group we work with? Click on each country name above the map for a video about who these amazing women are and the story of how they came to partner with us.


Meet our makers in: ColombiaGuatemalaIndiaIndonesiaPeruPhilippinesThailandTurkeyUnited StatesVietnam

True happiness lies in helping hands and second chances. When you support Fair Trade makers, you’re directly contributing to an industry that uplifts, empowers, and respects women.