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Meet Our Makers—Philippines


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The Philippines is a country made up entirely of islands—more than 7500 in total with 175 languages spoken across so many diverse regions. One of the most remarkable natural formations is the Taal Volcano which consists of an island that contains a lake, with a smaller island in the lake, with a lake on that island, with another tiny islet inside. Over 100 million residents call the Philippine islands home and Manila, the capital, holds the title as the highest population density in the world.



Our partnerships in the Philippines began in 2018 and we’ve grown to now work with 3 groups totaling 80% women, 28 makers in all. Filipinos enjoy spending as much time as possible with family and many of our makers span generations of the same family. The handcrafted techniques used to create their styles are often passed down to preserve their cultural heritage. Work can be even more enjoyable when you get to surround yourself with your favorite coworkers!



Respect and politeness are practiced extensively. Those from outside their culture are referred to as “sir” or “ma’am” no matter their age. Elders are cherished; after a greeting the younger person will take an elder’s hand and touch it to their forehead to show “mano,” a form of great respect. Elderly, disabled, and pregnant women will often find their own lines at banks, restaurants, and taxi queues to help make their daily life just a little bit easier.



Real seashells carved and polished to a beautiful finish.

Sustainable coconut husks, carved to retain their natural beauty. More coconuts are produced here than anywhere else!

Low-VOC resins derived from plant-based materials.



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