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Meet Our Makers—Turkey


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Turkey is a country that spans two continents, only 3% is located in Europe while the rest is on the Asian continent. The city of Istanbul is bisected by a river with bridge allowing you to walk between Europe and Asia. Turkey has a rich historical significance, is believed to be the birthplace of important historical figures like Aesop, Santa Claus, and Herodotus, and is home to 13 World Heritage Sites.

Although their official language is Turkish, you’ll find over 30 additional languages spoken across different regions. You can take a stroll through the famous Grand Bazaar—one of the oldest and largest markets in the world, in operation since 1455—and browse more than 4,000 small shops to find treasures.


In 2017 we began a partnership with a small co-op of weavers who handcraft luxurious Turkish cotton robes and towels for larger shops. We work with them to create new styles during slow times when their large clients are not buying. You’ll find these styles in our shop seasonally.




Turkey is known for their beautiful and intricate fabrics and our makers love to add a modern twist on a time-honored tradition of working with woven textiles made from cotton, silk, and other sustainable and natural materials. Turkish cotton is extra luxurious because of its extra long fibers. Material made from this premium material is extra durable and absorbent and gets softer with every use.



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