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Meet Our Makers—Vietnam


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Fans of scooters and motorbikes, you’ve found your next travel destination! In their densely populated cities with a country of almost 100 million residents, the hustle and bustle of traffic is made up of more than 60 million bikes (compared to only 2 million cars). Scooters are the preferred transportation method because of cost efficiency and the ease of maneuvering in tight alleyways, and they’re a favorite of our makers in India, too.


Despite our real coffee beans styles made in Colombia, Vietnam is the #1 exporter of beans. Locals enjoy their coffee served with egg yolk whipped into condensed milk, called a ca phe trung. Cashews are another big industry where vietnam holds the #1 spot, last year they produced nearly 340,000 tons!


Vietnam is one of our newer partnerships, we are proud to work with 2 groups in this beautiful country starting in 2018. Like Indonesia, Vietnam has miles upon miles of coastline making it the ideal location to find plentiful natural resources from which to craft sustainable, upcycled, and eco-friendly accessories.



Real seashells carved and polished to a beautiful finish.

Sustainable coconut husks, carved to retain their natural beauty.

Sustainable woods like bamboo and indian rosewood.


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