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Meet Our Makers—Thailand


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Thailand is known as the land of many smiles, their peace-loving culture prioritizes harmony over conflict and you’re likely to find more smiles here than anywhere else. More than 10% of their entire population lives in the capital city of Bangkok which is also the world’s hottest city. 10% of all animal species also call Thailand home (you’ll find more birds here than Europe and America combined!)


Elephants are often associated with this culture, today you’ll find more than 5000 here with half being domesticated. About one hundred years Thailand used to be home to 100,000 (about 20% of all elephants in the entire world).

Our partnerships with 2 groups in Thailand began in 2017 and are comprised of 13 women makers. Their handcrafted styles combine a mixture of their Thai design tradition with an influence of western style to create modern Fair Trade pieces that showcase natural materials.


Respect is expected in their culture with special consideration given to the head, its considered to be the most important part of the body so it’s forbidden to touch anyone on the head (even children). When you meet someone who is older than you, it’s common practice to lower your head to show proper respect. Thailand is also the land of temples with over 35,000 in total, dressing modestly is required when visiting—shorts and sleeveless shirts are not permitted.



Handmade and beautifully vibrant glass beads.

Bright traditional fabrics with colorful designs.

Earth-friendly metals like reclaimed brass, copper, and steel.


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