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Meet Our Makers—Guatemala


Guatemala Current Weather
Guatemala is the largest country in Central American and home to more than 30 volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan ruins including the three World Heritage Sites. Like Peru, you’ll find that most locals speak Spanish but you can encounter 21 other languages, some of which are passed down by Indigenous people of Mesoamerica. Their rich history is colored with intricate textiles and the birth of the chocolate bar, they call chocolate “the food of the Gods.”



Our 3 partnerships in this country total 22 makers, mostly women who work in their homes. Guatemalan families are a close unit with many generations living under the same roof. Although schooling is free, 1 out of every 5 children do not complete primary grades and instead work to help their family income. By paying our partners a living wage, our makers are not reliant on children to work in order to contribute to the family’s finances.


Guatemalan meals are simple and often include corn, rice, beans, plantains, tamales, and tortillas which can be seasoned with ground and toasted squash seeds. You’ll find delicacies as colorful as their tapestries at their many fiesta celebrations while you’re serenaded by the village marimba band (every town has their own!)



Their traditional handcrafted items are often brightly colored and are typically made from cotton, wool, silk, metal, clay, or stone. Our makers take great pride in their work which is often made in their homes by multiple generations of the same family. When their crafts are passed down between generations, your accessories can often be hundreds of years in the making to perfection.



Natural stone that is carved and polished to a beautiful finish.

Bright traditional fabrics (like huipil) with colorful designs.

Hand-dyed string and natural fibers to create intricately unique pieces.



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